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Pre-qualified appointments for Home Service Companies

Rocket Bookings was developed, tested & implemented by one of the largest and fastest growing home service companies in the US. Absolute Airflow put its roots down in the heart of beautiful sunny southern California which is known for its golden coast, nice waves and perfect weather year round. So how did an HVAC company do $20million USD in just 3 short years with a 10 month shoulder season? 
Victor Rancour, its founder & CEO, won many awards in his career as an HVAC technician, including the top sales technician in the USA awarded by Airtime 500. Victor mastered the art of creating demand early in his career, which translated to the phones. Getting appointments on the board to create opportunities for his team was vital in order to grow and scale consistently. 
By utilizing the most optimal dialing software available, consistent training & dedicated teams assigned to each of our clients, Rocket Bookings has created the solution to eliminate shoulder season for home service companies. This perfect blend of Outbound calling, inbound overflow and after hours answering are booked straight into your CRM ready to dispatch for profit. Inbound lead form follow up combined with these services provides the peace of mind knowing your team will always have opportunities to bring home money for their families & your business.

US Based

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  • Pay for bookings & not leads 
  • Retain top-level talent in install, sales, and service departments
  • Increase your local presence 
  • Keep your competition away from your customer base.

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